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The Beauty Blog Coalition is at it again. We want to give one lucky reader a $400 gift card (USD) just for being cool! Well, just for being cool and filling out our survey. It’s totally anonymous and is quick and easy to fill out. Think of all the beauty products you could buy with $400 if you win. Continue Reading

MERRY CHRISTMAS Beauties. I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend so far. I will keep this poll brief because I know you all want to get back to the Christmas fun and games.


Today I am asking about your beauty routines, the products you use and how you use them. I want to know if you change the type of products you use on your skin, hair, body and even your makeup based on the seasons. Do you use lightweight products in Summer? Do you focus on nourishing products in the winter? If you do change anything, please let me know all about it by leaving a comment!

Do you change your makeup / skin / hair / body routine for the seasons?

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My Answer: When it comes to my body and hair routine, I pretty much stick to the same routines and same products. When the occasional heat wave hits during summer I will use a gel-type body moisturiser but that is about it. My skincare always stays the same, DMK. I love my DMK, it works amazingly and it doesn’t matter what is happening I will never skip it.

My makeup is probably the one thing that really changes. In summer I tend to opt for tinted moisturisers and now BB cream. I will go to a little less effort because it is usually just too hot. My colour palette usually leans to more brights and I will also switch to waterproof formulas for nearly everything.

My beloved DMK Vitamin C serum

Each year I like to send little Christmas gifts to a select few people I have worked closely with over the previous 12 months. I am not a rich person but I would always buy something to show my appreciation. This year I made a change and decided to instead donate that money I would usually spend to some of my favourite animal charities, Doggie Rescue and WSPA. In the case of those I always send Christmas cards to, I purchased a beautiful selection of gift cards from Doggie Rescue which means the charity gets the money rather than some big industry gift card company. My new direction got me thinking.

I have always been a passionate animal lover, campaigner and rescuer. My pack of rescue dogs (2 of which were from Doggie Rescue) can back me up on that. I always make financial and goods contributions, but what could I do in the beauty realm?

Levi came to us from Doggie Rescue

Now by no means am I turning this blog into a Vegan or Cruelty Free only beauty blog, because quite frankly there are people out there who do a far better job of it than I ever could, such as My Beauty Bunny. What I do want to know though is if you, my fabulous readers, care if a product is Animal Cruelty Free?

Do you care if a product is Animal Cruelty Free?

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If you are happy to expand on your answer, would you like me to state whether a product is animal cruelty free in my reviews and posts? Is there something else you would like me to mention about a products use of animal products?

My Answer: I really like it when I find out a product or brand I love is vegan or cruelty free and against testing on animals, but I have to say that previously I have not made a concerted effort to pay attention prior to purchasing it. Of course I am personally against the practice of using animal products in a cosmetic, or testing ingredients on animals. My goal is to pay a bit more attention and if possible buy a cruelty-free version of a product.

Urban Decay are famous for their vegan and cruelty-free beauty products

Foundation has to be one of the most difficult, if not THE hardest, beauty products to buy. In my opinion, it is harder than buying skincare. I want to explore the whole foundation-buying issues through some more polls, but first I want to start with coverage. What coverage do you like in foundation?

Coverage in itself can be debatable because it varies depending on the formula of the product. So what I am asking for is your ideal coverage.

My Answer: Medium. I want any flaws to be invisible to anyone standing 2 feet or more away from me, but, I want to see my natural skin a little. I don’t want my foundation to be thick and noticable. I like my skin to breathe a bit but flaws covered and a majority of uneven skintone to be evened.

Now you …

What sort of coverage do you like in foundation?

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