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Lorac are one of those amazing cosmetic brands that most Australians would never know about. That is a down right shame because I have never EVER tried something by this brand and not loved it. The first thing I ever bought by them was this Private Affair Palette last year, and it made it into my highly competitive Top 5 Palettes of 2010. Funny thing is, I realised I had not actually mentioned it since and it really does deserve to have a spotlight shone on it. Not to worry, I will do that today!

What I Say ….

First thing to note is the adorable packaging. Now keep in mind I have had it for a while and it has travelled with me on a few occasions, so it looked far prettier when I first got it. Anyway, It comes in a beautiful black satin with dark purple mock croc skin case. The Lorac label is beautifully engraved in a gun metal badge on the top. Everything about it looks sophisticated and up market. When you flip open the lid which is discretely secured by internal magnets, you find a panoramic mirror and 6 beautiful powder shadows securely encased in satin. The best part is the hidden satin lined draw, which sits under the shadows and pulls out with a gorgeous gun metal handle on the right side. Inside you find a Lorac Behind The Scenes eye shadow primer and a double ended shadow brush.

The pretty eye shadows


The secret draw hides away an eye primer and double ended brush

The quality of the actual cosmetics are Continue Reading

I love palettes. I love shopping. Brilliant idea = a post about my favourite purchases of palettes. Yes, being this intelligent is a burden.

2010 was year of the palette for me. Usually I purchase duos, trios maybe even a quad but rarely do I buy multiple palettes in a year despite how much I love them. This year I couldn’t resist because it seemed every brand on earth was coming up with marvelous collections I couldn’t pass up. Here are my top 5… Continue Reading