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Serums are currently my must-have, go-to, everyday requirement. I love them, and many people I talk to about skincare seem to have the same passion for them. On the other side of the fence, there are people who have never tried serums. However, that is a fact that doesn’t surprise me. Serums can be scary.

Until a couple of years ago I didn’t know what a serum was. Was it just something skincare companies invented to get us to buy more products? Well, I can definitely say, without a doubt, that serums are not just a load of baloney. Sure, they can be one of the most expensive products in your skincare regime, but they are actually worth it. They do things no other skincare product has been able to do, but what exactly are they?

My top 5 serums …. read the reviews below to find out what they are

What Is A Serum?

Lets first look at the official meaning, courtesy of eHow:

“Serum consists of the liquid component of blood. Serum can be derived by taking whole blood and then modifying it. This modification involves taking out the blood cells via centrifugation. The term “serum” is derived from Latin, and can refer to many types of fluids, including that which is found in blisters as well as other compounds of medical relevance.”

Ok, that is utterly gross. Luckily that is not the serum I am talking about Continue Reading

This past Monday Biotherm launched a brand new skincare line called Skin.Ergetic. You may have already seen some advertisements and early chatter on the big beauty websites but if you haven’t yet than don’t worry, you will be flooded with it soon!

This skincare line isn’t like anything else Biotherm have ever done before. So what is different? Well, there is one product, the Energy Up Complex, which contains an active Broccoli extract. Personally I love eating Broccoli, but do I want it in my skincare? According to Biotherm, I sure do. This line is all about fighting fatigue and looking fresh. Sounds good, right?

Today I am going to show you some hardcore photos of the line, what you need to know and why I am fascinated by a little white cap.

Skin.Ergetic ‘Energy Up Complex’ Fresh Serum

AU $74 rrp / USA $48 rrp / UK £37.80 rrp – 50mL

What Biotherm Say: To fight the most visible signs of fatigue, give your skin a new energy source – a powerful boost of moisture and radiance. Introducing Biotherm’s anti-fatigue revolution: cosmetic activated at the last minute. Biotherm creates SKIN.ERGETIC, its 1st signs of fatigue repairing concentrate, to reduce visible signs of fatigue and fight against their appearance, all day long. A wake-up call for your skin: facial features appear smoother, and skin looks sublime. Complexion boasts strengthened radiance. Tested on sensitive skin.


What you will find in the box

1. Powerful Anti-Fatigue – The extract of the young shoot of Broccoli is one of the most powerful ingredients to protect the skin from tiredness.  Continue Reading

Best New Beauty September 2017 beauty products

Wow, guys. This month is absolute madness in the beauty launch calendar. The best new beauty September launches have come in strong from the likes of Fenty Beauty, Too Faced, St Tropez, Nip + Fab, Katy Perry and more.

Discover the best of the best new beauty products with my Best New Beauty September round-up. Continue Reading

Holster Certified Vegan Rose Gold Sneakers

Super cute shoes are now available for everyone, even vegans! You’ve probably seen me rave about metallic sneakers on social media and the reason I’m so excited about it now is because Holster certified vegan status confirms their cute metallic shoes as vegan!

Holster Shoes has gained vegan certification from The Vegan Society and PETA, but why is this such big news? Read on to find out!  Continue Reading

Best New Beauty August 2017 beauty products

The seasons are changing and with it comes a new wave of delightful beauty releases. The best new beauty launches this month from Nude by Nature, CND, Lancôme, Models Own and more has us transitioning from Summer and Winter and opening our arms to embrace Spring and Fall. Discover these new beauty products with my Best New Beauty August round-up. Continue Reading

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