HELLOOOOO everyone!!! Not sure if you can tell but today I am a little excited. Right now, it is 11am (or thereabouts) in Sydney, Australia where I am sitting and waiting to board a very nice Qantas A380 bound for LA. There will be a short 7hr stop over but from there I will be straight onto NEW YORK CITY. Couldn’t you just scream…..AHHHHHH. There I did it!

And why am I going to NYC? Good question bright student. Well this trip is for you. I am selflessly spending my (truckload of) money to bring you a comprehensive look at what famous destinations have to offer for the Beauty lover. So why have I decided to do this? I would spend many hours researching on the net before I went on a holiday to find great stores or day spa’s or even just a place to get a manicure and it really proved difficult. My goal at the end of this trip is to provide you with comprehensive reviews and insight into beauty experiences that will help you when you next travel. Basically….something I wish was available many years ago.

This is my very first of what will be an annual focus into Beautiful Cities

I have chosen New York for a few reasons. Firstly, it seems to be the destination of choice for Aussie holiday makers this year, but besides that, New York is always a popular business and holiday destination. Then there is all those people who move there everyday, and god knows how hard it is to find new places when you first move to a new city. I also hope that this tour of duty will inspire people to think outside the box when it comes to holiday activities. As you will find out over the next week or so, a day spa or a visit to a concept store can be more than just relaxing, it can be rejuvenating and an experience to share with friends of family. And isn’t that a big part of what a holiday is all about?

So I am going to end this post now because I am so excited I want to spill my guts about everything I am going to be doing…..but that just wouldn’t be fun now, would it?

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