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I’ve found my way to London as the first stop in what will be a two month long journey. I’ve never really had a desire to see the UK or Europe but as I quickly approach my 30’s I’ve been thinking about the things I said I would do by this age and have still not accomplished. My biggest goal was to retire rich but I’ve clearly failed that so I moved on to the second thing on my list …. a Euro trip.

In my rush to see the world I booked a return trip from Melbourne to London. I have two months to do what I want to do, the only issue is I didn’t actually plan what I wanted to do. It must sound like a wonderful dream to anyone who is reading this but for me, it’s a nightmare. My anxiety and depression have been on a crazy rollercoaster since I departed Melbourne on an 11:50pm Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. Fast forward and now I’m sitting here in a gorgeous little apartment in Shoreditch, London trying to make a to-do list. I feel if I share with you exactly what I hope to see and do, perhaps it will drive me to tick them all off and not let my anxiety win this battle. Perhaps you can even tell me what I should do while I’m in this part of the world, I could use the help! 

Summer in Europe

  • Linkin Park are one of my all-time favourite bands. They will be playing at Rock in Roma on September 6. I feel like Italy + favourite band must equal awesome?!? It’s also their last show in Europe before heading back to the US.
  • Pup Aid is a wonderful event and organisation I’ve been supporting online for years, but this time I might actually able to attend in person. It is however on September 5 at Primrose Hill so I would be cutting it close if I want to go see Linkin Park the next day in Italy.
  • I’m super annoyed that I didn’t pay attention to when Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition closes because it happens to be this weekend. It’s on at the V&A Museum in London. I’ve been here for like 2 weeks, what is wrong with me?!? However, there is the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibit on until January that I wouldn’t mind seeing either.
  • Versailles, France. I know it’s incredibly touristy but I have to say that I have a fascination with french royals and it’s only become stronger since watching The CW’s Reign.
  • Grasse, France. What kind of beauty lover would I be if I didn’t want to visit the world’s home of perfume? It also has a nifty little tie-in with the influence Catherine de’ Medici held as Queen Consort of France (the one-time step mother of Mary Queen of Scots).
  • Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast. I have a terrible fear of the ocean/sea/any body of water that isn’t a pool, but i’ve been making strides in the past couple of years to overcome that fear. From what I’ve seen of these Italian coastlines, I should have no problem getting in the salt water. Oh and also, pretty views!
  • I really wanted to go to some of the incredible “Lates” programs put on by the museums in London but I’ll be missing out on all the planned dates so far. Nevertheless, I still really want to go wandering around the Natural History Museum, the British Museum and the Science Museum. I’m fascinated by these venues as a lover of history and sciences, so typical art museums aren’t really my thing.
  • This isn’t so much on my to-do list as it’s already planned and booked but IBIZA! I’m the least “party girl” girl I know but David Guetta’s summer residency at Ushuaïa is supposed to be something legends are made from. I’ll be dancing up a storm on August 10.
  • Another of my already booked excursions is a 22-day european tour with Topdeck. I have no idea what to expect but I’m hoping for life lessons and some pretty sights along the way.

So what else should I be doing in the UK and Europe? Let me know by commenting below!

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