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I hadn’t been to New York since 2010 and having gone vegan in 2013 means that I was yet to venture to the big apple with my new lifestyle. I was keen to see which vegan delights I would uncover and thankfully NYC didn’t disappoint me. Unfortunately I was limited in time to discover everything on offer in New York but even with my time & location restrictions there were lots of delicious treats to enjoy. Here are some of my favourites.


Carmine’s is an italian institution. I dined at the one located in the heart of the Theater District, right near Times Square, but they have a few locations in the USA. It’s a massive restaurant that seemed to be packed full of people every night, and the food is definitely the reason. The restaurant serves hearty italian food family-style, so just one dish is enough to serve 3-4 people. They have dedicated menu’s for most dietary requirements so you can choose something without having to question all of the ingredients. Just don’t make the mistake I did and misjudge that a special order meal would be smaller than the original menu – it isn’t! I was eating pasta for days.

My recommendations:

  • Rigatoni Broccoli Red without cheese
Carmines NYC Italian Restaurant

Enough Broccoli Red pasta to serve a family

Blossom Du Jour

Blink and you’ll miss this sweet little takeaway shop in Hell’s Kitchen. Blossom Du Jour serves breakfast, lunch and dinner eat-in or takeaway, and like most New York eateries they of course offer delivery too. I wanted to eat here for every meal but in order to discover more vegan establishments I had to restrict myself. If I lived in NYC, however, I would probably dine there at least once per day.

All the meals are quick and convenient, and they mix a range of fresh, light meals with heavier, meatier ones. If you are a fan of a little faux meat you will like this place. Everything I ate was scrumptious.

My recommendations:

  • Un-Chicken Griller Wrap with Avocado
  • Chocolate Cupcake
Blossom Du Jour NYC

Delicious avocado wrap

The Counter

America is the home to burgers and if there is one place in NYC that everyone raves about for their burgers it’s The Counter. It’s your classic burger joint with a modern twist and sensibly, they cater to all the dietary requirements that come with the modern clientele. You can choose an impressive burger concoction from the menu or you can build-your-own with dozens of options to choose from. The choices even go as far as to how big you want your patty –  1/3 lb, 2/3 lb or 1 lb – and if you want it in a bun or a bowl. Their sides menu is also rather impressive – so many ways to serve fries I’d never thought of.

My recommendations:

  • Crispy Onion Strings
  • Unique Veggie Burger
The Counter Vegan Burgers

The Unique Veggie burger

Maoz Vegetarian

It’s fast food for the health conscious at Maoz Vegetarian. They have locations all over NYC so they’re great for a quick bite. The menu is simple but you hold the power of creating something you want. Falafel + pita + any salad ingredients and sauces you can fit. You can also switch the pita for a salad bowl, or the falafel for soy shawarma. The falafel is even gluten-free. They also have fresh juices, vegan rice pudding sweet potato fries if you want to boost your meal.

My recommendations:

  • Vegan Shawarma sandwich
  • Falafel sandwich
  • Traditional Lemonade
Maoz vegan food NYC

Falafel pita sandwich and fries

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Finding vegan dessert options was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. Froyo (or frozen yogurt to the not-so-hip people) is a booming trend but not many of the stores in NYC offer vegan flavours. Tutti Frutti is an exception though. They offer at least 2 vegan flavours and have a selection of vegan-friendly toppings as well. The selection of flavours can change from day to day but with 7 soy flavours and a dozen or so sorbets, you will never lack a choice.

My recommendations:

  • Peanut Butter Soy
  • Pink Lemonade Sorbet

Tutti Frutti Vegan Frozen Yoghurt

Peanut Butter Soy Froyo

Have you eaten at anywhere fabulous in NYC? Would you try any of my suggestions? Let me know by commenting below!

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