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When was the last time you took a holiday? I don’t mean having the day off from work to run errands or even a week off to stay home and organise your wardrobe (although that is essential!). Are you counting school holidays? Forget it, that isn’t relaxing for anyone! I know this because I am also guilty of working too hard for too long and never really stopping to re-energise. I have been lucky to travel to a few of my favourite places over the past few years but I went for work related duties and that means the main objective of a holiday had been removed. This year I am taking a stand and giving myself a holiday, and I am hoping I can inspire you to do the same.

I would say my last real holiday was in August 2010 when I went to New York. Even back then I said it would be an annual thing so I could create a special section on this blog called Beautiful Cities. I failed miserably as I let work take over my life. Then, a few weeks ago I addressed the issue again in my Wellbeing Checklist post. The difference this year as opposed to back in 2010 is that I am now in a completely different mindset and an entirely different body as well. I went to New York depressed, needing some time away and dramatically underweight (but man, I looked hot!). Now, I am healthy on the inside and extremely happy but I know I need a break and I am not happy with how my body looks. I need to exercise and I need some motivation to get moving, and I also need my mind and body to rest so I can continue to work as hard as I do. The answer? A health retreat! 

Where am I going?

Previously when I have had a desire to go somewhere I have always selected the USA because it scares me the least. The majority of people speak english, the food isn’t too different from what we have in Australia and I know lots of people there. Plus, they have Sephora (ok, that is pretty much the main reason I go there). But I actually have big dreams to see the world. I want to be a traveller. No, not a backpacker. More like a woman who just flies to different 5-star resorts. The thing is, I needed to break my habit of going to the USA.

A few months ago I was working frantically on something uneventful and my brain just snapped. It said I needed to book a holiday RIGHT NOW. I would usually jump on the Qantas website, enter Sydney to Los Angeles into the search parameters and see which days would work for me. This time I thought I would try something different. This time I typed “Health Retreat” into Google and my world opened up.

After hours of searching and clicking I came to realise that most of the affordable luxury retreats were situated in Bali. BALI! I have never had a desire to go to Bali. In my mind, Bali is a cheap dance party where people go to get wasted on a beach and where no respect is given to animals (obviously a big concern for me). As an Australian we are more than used to having family and friends go to Bali all the time, and their stories often leave a bad taste in my mouth.

The more I looked into the retreat options the more my mind came around to the idea of going to Bali. I am still not quite sure what to expect but I am open to it, and I think the place I have chosen will be right for me.

Where am I staying?

Via my Googling I came across one place called Bliss Sanctuary For Women. It is owned by an Australian woman and she seems to appreciate that not all of us can completely switch off from the world but we still want a bit of isolation and time to ourselves. That is exactly what I was after. I only have experience travelling solo and I really prefer it. I love that this place caters exclusively to women and especially solo travellers. It looks great and it is surprisingly affordable for everything they offer. Perhaps it will be too good to be true but I won’t find out until next month. Here is what the website outlines as included during my stay:

  • Your own private room within the beautiful 4 + 2 bedroom Villas
  • King Size Bed or 2 x Large King Singles
  • Plasma TV & DVD
  • Your own private Bathroom including Bath tub for relaxing soaks
  • Glittering Pool within a beautiful balinese garden environment
  • Meditation Spaces
  • Yoga is offered for all levels & various styles in partnership with a nearby specialist yoga centre at Desa Seni
  • Daily Massage / Spa Treatments up to 1.5 hours per day
  • Bali Bliss spa toiletries
  • Fresh Gourmet Organic tantalizing local healthy cuisine – Bfast, Lunch, Dinner & snacks
  • Like to cook? Join our team & Learn to cook authentic Indonesian at meal preparation times
  • Endless Supply of Purified or Bottled Water, Coffee, Herbal teas
  • Personal Drivers will take you wherever & whenever you’d like to go
  • Pushbikes for riding around the rice paddies & to the beach
  • Airport transfers
  • Fresh Juice on Arrival
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi / Email facilities
  • Small Groups of less than 6 women per villa at any one time (no children, no couples)
  • Personalised itinerary consultation & booking services with your Bliss Hostess
  • all inclusive meals within Villa, yoga, massage, personal transport, airport pickups
Bliss Sanctuary for Women

Bliss Sanctuary for Women

As this is my first time to a foreign country that already terrifies me I am excited that Bliss Sanctuary seems to offer everything I need and I won’t need to venture out if I don’t want to. However, I have been a little naughty and already booked in for a few spa treatments at some other fabulous establishments so I can review them for you. I couldn’t help myself!

I am really excited to get away and I hope this place will give me the rejuvenation and peace I need, as well as some motivation to look after myself a little more than I currently am. In the coming weeks I am sure I will have a few more posts about how I am preparing for my holiday, what I am packing, etc but I really hope my decision to take some “me” time will inspire you to do the same.

When did you last take a holiday? Have you ever been to Bali or would you want to? Let me know by commenting below!

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